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RM 40.00 RM 50.00

Selena is a square scarf that is exclusively made from a high quality chiffon silk. It is a lightweight scarf, and you can style it however you want according to your liking. And if you love a more modern look, you can always twist Selena into a fashionable turban by wrapping it around your head. Or if you're all about simple, classic look, just simply wear it like a regular hijab, fold it into half, wrap around your head, don't forget to pin under your chin, and you're basically done! A quick and easy look but very effortlessly chic.
This versatile piece is an easy way to elevate your outfit, sophisticated with a hint of shimmer, Selena is a lovely design that will make you look fab any time of the day and of course, for any occasion. Definitely a timeless piece to wear all year around, Selena.

Collection : Selena
Price : RM 50
Type : Square scarf
Material : Chiffon Silk

**Please be informed that colors may differ slightly due to camera flash, computer settings & editing.