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Precious Luxe - The sensational new perfume from RCW, is now available for the irresistibly sexy and courageous woman in you. Fresh and light, this semi-oriental fragrance has been especially crafted to complement the sophistication, and personal elegance you desire. Formulated with an exquisite composition of vanilla and vetiver, with rich quintessential notes of sparkling Orange, sensual May Rose, Iris, and Grasse Jasmine, Precious Luxe is a scent so warm it is unmistakably feminine and most sensuous. Distinctively luxurious, it is perfectly balanced with accents of Bergamot, Mandarine, and the freshness of aromatic aldehydes. Indulge your senses with this exciting scent of utter luxury and class. It is the most sophisticated fragrance you've been waiting for!

Ingredients  : Morning rose, Vanilla, Italian jasmine, White musk, Mandarine, Mimosa,  Florentine iris and Tunisian curacao.
 Perfume Type :EDP
  Volume : 25ml
  Price : RM39