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RM 65.00

Let's greet the new year with a vital product that will make our prayer time even more beautiful. For January 2018, we are introducing two new designs in our Sajada series- Sajada Keysha and Sajada Keyla. Each mat features lush rose garlands which works perfectly as the main focal point,  inducing a sense of calm and clarity that will help you to concentrate better during your prayers .

Although the floral motifs are kept simple and minimal, to give the Sajadas a more decadent touch, both designs are resplendently decked in luxurious hues like gold and rose gold.


The first design is the Sajada Keysha, this golden beauty has a soft velvety finish that keeps you in comfort, with enough padding to cushion your forehead during 'sujud' and your feet when you 'rukuk'. Gold is a timeless colour that will appeal to a wide spectrum of people, great for personal use or even as a thoughtful present to the one you love.


The second design is Sajada Keyla, not as ostentatious as its gold counterpart, it is an ideal option for individuals preferring something a little more subdued and feminine. Rose gold is an understated colour that is pleasant to the eyes, it draws your attention to the centre of the mat so you can immerse yourself effectively in prayer.

Each Sajada will come with an intricately designed box with a matching rose motif. The signature Naelofar brand embroidery will also be featured on the corner of each prayer mat.


(Sajada Keysha / Sajada Keyla)

Price: RM65

Material : Polyster (Soft Velvet Effect with Gold Pleated Tag)