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Ramadan is a month of reflection and devotion, It is the time of the year for Muslims to practice self-restraint, refraining themselves from not only food and drink but also evil thoughts, actions and words. It is also a period of discipline and worship, where fasting during the day is complimented with special evening prayers known as tarawikh at night.

With this in mind, especially for Ramadan 2017, it is our pleasure to introduce our SAJADA line, featuring two marvelous designs that are beautifully crafted to provide a new level of comfort during your prayers. Both designs incorporate elements from nature to create images that are both gorgeous and serene. The prayers mats are made from a soft velvet effect fabric that cushions your bare feet wonderfully so you can focus on your prayers without any distractions.


Sajada Khadija has a contemporary feel with lush leaves and multi-shaded flowers in a spectrum of pastels framing the corners of the mat to evoke a sense of peace and tranquility. The colour palette is kept muted to provide a clear focal point for your mind, so you can have full concentration when you are performing your solat.


Sajada Aisya is more traditional, the detailing includes a border running along the edge and a garland of flowers placed in the middle. The design combines Islamic geometric patterns and florals to produce a prayer mat that will appeal to a wide spectrum of people.

Get one of these exclusive Sajadas as part of your preparation for Ramadan, you can use it for tarawikh prayers or even purchase a few as perfect gifts for your friends and family. Hopefully, our exquisite Sajadas will ease your prayers and make the moment even more special for you especially during the holy month.

Product : Naelofar Sajada (comes with box and Naelofar Tag)

1. Sajada Aisya

2. Sajada Khadija

Price : RM 65 each

Material : Polyster (Soft Velvet Effect)