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Wildflower Honey Herbs Tea - HAPPY TUMMY

Experience a happy tummy with Kucate GINGER & CHRYSANTHEMUM wildfower honey herbs tea. Each pack contains 20 sachets of natural goodness. Ginger is widely known to ease digestion discomforts, nauseating morning sicknesss, headaches and migraines. It also eases menstrual cramps with its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. CHRYSANTHEMUM brings the added benefit of regulating your body temperature and helps to reduce signs of aging. KUCATE is suitable to be consumed & enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

+ Anto-inflammatory & Pain-relieving, help with menstrial cramps.
+ Reduces signs of aging.
+ Eases migraines.
+ Cooling for body.
+ Aids with digestion disconforts & morning sickness.

INGREDIENTS-: Honey, Rock Sugar, Dried Chrysanthemum, Dried Ginger