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Once you choose the EasyOn life, you’ll never go back! EasyOn brings you a range of instant hijabs that promises comfort and convenience at your fingertips. Being the first in line, the EasyOn Mecca Instant makes its debut as a slip-on shawl that’s made of lightweight linen blend and cotton lycra that offers more than just comfort.

This instant hijab is thoughtfully designed with slits on the sides of the shawl where your ears are, for easy access whenever you need to throw on your earphones for a quick run or that much-needed distraction from your busy day through music. Maintaining the cotton lycra awning that’s always on point is as easy as it can get, while breathable linen blend keeps you cool throughout the day.

Material: Durable linen blend and cotton lycra
Type: Basic instant shawl
Measurement: 35.5" x 26"

*Actual product colour may vary slightly due to screen resolution, material, and dyeing process